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    Hot gloves for Unqualified person in the Limited Approach Boundary

    Inside the limited boundary an unqualified person is only allowed if they are escorted. I have always assumed this is to assure that they "avoid contact" so no shock PPE would be required. Shock protection is to be used by qualified people only and is required when crossing the restricted...
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    Layered Systems

    Adding layers and multiplication factors used to be the vogue but as data has grown the industry and standards committees realized that htis is incorrect in many cases. Putting an 8 cal over a 4 cal system for instance in many tests resulted in only a 8 cal rating. Most PPE companies have...
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    Is an EEWP Required?

    The standard would not require that specific form but a company may require it to assure documentation of the job planning process. The crossing of the arc flash boundary was added to one of the criteria for using an EEWP in 2015 and many companies started using them more extensively after...
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    Labeling equipment - how many?

    Less than 1.2 still has a shock hazard and the less than 1.2 is calculated at 18 inches away. So there could be more than 1.2 for the hands. The NEC and NFPA 70E would allow a generic label for shock and arc flash with a PPE level but that PPE might be ONLY gloves rubber insulating IF it is...
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    Looking for Photos for Arc Flash training

    Thanks Linder! Let us know if we can ever help with any technical questions!
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    Correct PPE to wear

    Depends on the company policy. Is 480V exposed in the cabinet? Arc flash in 120V is typically not sufficient to ignite clothing except if the 120V is super high fault current but what else are you exposed to? I recommend AR for almost electrical work since many incidents happen when doors are...
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    Face Shield Requirements NFPA 70E vs NESC

    The difference in NESC and NFPA 70E is apparent. NESC doesn't require ANY eye or face protection but remember it is written by utility employees, utility consultants and a very few union members. OSHA pushed NESC to beef up the protection and now the committee is continuing to move in the right...
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    Neoprene boot covering

    The new NFPA 70E 2021 proposal on shoes will allow non-leather if it has been arc tested to assure no ignition of the shoe. ASTM F2621 now has a means to evaluate by arc shoes etc. My experience testing many neoprene and rubber boots has shown no ignitions but not sure what you are using...
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    Looking for Photos for Arc Flash training

    Great to hear. We are honored to help companies save lives and provide meaningful training. Let us know if you have technical questions.
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    PPE requirements

    Very strange. Sounds like a bad label. Technically anything below 1.2 cal/cm² has NO PPE requirements. The AFB is the point at which the worker could receive a 1.2 cal/cm² so anything unprotected inside that boundary would need PPE to cover that, in this case, that is likely only the hands. A...
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    hearing aids

    NFPA 70E does not address hearing aids directly. Most hearing aids are NOT hearing protection. Some are an exception like shooter's hearing protection but most allow sound energy to pass through and even amplify certain frequencies. Typically one would remove the hearing aids or use other...
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    FR Clothing + Rotating Equipment = Serious Accident

    This a sad event. Glad the employee looks like he will recover but this is a complicated issue. NFPA 70E is often used as a "look up table" standard. The user says, "I have this equipment, so I need this PPE." Simple. This is a "simplistic" understanding of the standard. That is the...
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    Electrical Hazards

    Good ones Joe!
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    Shoes or Boots?

    Leather shoes have been shown to take more than 40 cal in an arc flash but many EH shoes today are NOT leather. The tennis shoe type EH safety shoes are not considered acceptable for an arc flash hazard in most cases. Some manufacturers have tested their partial leather shoes and shown them to...
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    Safe working condition

    This is a common question. In your risk assessment, it is important to distinguish between possible and probable. If the bus is insulated, there is no need. If the bus is isolated by guarding, there MAY be no need for AR PPE. Additionally when the energized main bus is at the top of the...