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    Electrical Hazards

    More violations, this will never stop as long as I have a camera!
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    Electrical Hazards

    Continued garden variety of electrical hazards!
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    NEC rules also cover electric shock hazards.

    Homework: Find them, you’ll get bragging rights!
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    NEC Committees Responsibility’s

    “Committee Scope: This Committee shall have primary responsibility for documents on minimizing the risk of electricity as a source of electric shock and as a potential ignition source of fires and explosions. It shall also be responsible for text to minimize the propagation of fire and...
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    Is Electrocution covered in the NEC?

    Answer YES “422.41 Cord-and Plug-Connected Appliances Subject to Immersion. Cord-and plug-connected portable, freestanding hydromassage units and hand-held hair dryers shall be constructed to provide protection for personnel against electrocution when immersed while in the “on” or “off” position.”
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    The NEC references to NFPA 70E

    Your homework, find nine places where NFPA 70E, 2012, 2015, and 2018 are referenced in the 2017 NEC. Hint: The first one is in Article 100 under Qualified person.
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    Electrical Workers Magazines
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    Grounding Electrodes

    This ground rod is 8 feet long. What’s Wrong Here?
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    Pay attention and stay safe!

    Some good advice here.
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    Damage Caused By Rain Into A Panelboard

    YouTube Video Clip
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    NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) IAEI (International Association of Electrical Inspectors) UL Code Coorelation Database IEEE (Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers)...
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    bonding Around Concentric Knockouts
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    UL Electrical Topics
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    Bonding Around Concentric Knockouts
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    Rusty Conduit & Conduit Fuses

    The rusted out conduit was a feeder the was outside of a commercial occupancy. It was run downward from a piullbox. I believe that the rain water found its way downward into the raceway. That conduit could not be relied upon as an equipment grounding conductor. The switch shout where conduit...
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    Social Media Posts
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    Electrical Hazards in the Middle East

    Found in the Middle East!
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    Electrical Safety is No Accident

    Watch out for electrical hazards they are found everywhere!