2nd person ppe requirements


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Jun 25, 2018
I wanted to clarify an issue that we have right now in our industry. When working in HRC 4, we know that we need to have a safety person. Regarding this safety person, can you confirm that she has to stay out of the flash boundaries and be dressed the same way (HRC4) as the worker performing electrical work?

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
NFPA 70E does not make it mandatory for two people to be present for a HRC 4 type task. This is more of an OHSA1910.269 rule for most work with very few exceptions. The reason for this OHSA rule has more to do with voltage (primarily) rather than arc flash.

If you have chosen to follow this rule, then it is definitely best practice and supported by the entire e-Hazard team! The second person must remain outside both the arc flash and shock boundaries unless adequately protected against both hazards (or whichever one is present). In other words - your assumption is correct. If they remain outside the boundary, then I would recommend that they still dress appropriately (for shock and arc flash) - otherwise they will endanger themselves attempting a rescue if the arc flash or shock hazard is still present. Rephrasing - they cannot rescue the injured if they themselves are unprotected!
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