Arc Flash Boundary Information

Aug 6, 2018
Mr Hoagland,
Here are a couple of photo examples I was referring too in my original post. It may be that the listing of level 1 PPE may negate my concern about not listing the actual arc flash distance. In the report itself, the AFB distance is listed but they chose to use the 18 in distance on the labels.


Hugh Hoagland

Staff member
Dec 30, 2016
Louisville, KY
Yes the use of Level 1 is nice to know. The working distance is required ONLY if the PPE level isn't specified but typically is is based on the voltage and equipment type. The AFB distance and the PPE Level is the most critical.
I've seen similar studies and the consultants are trying to be on the safe side - not a problem from a risk perspective. The problem in practice, however, can be that compliance becomes an issue. If this is panel board, then operating a 60A three-pole switch will require a balaclava and face-shield. Yet the same switch can be operated at home without any PPE (yes sure 70E isn't aimed at covering residential - but i'm focusing on a specific point!).