CSA Z462 Technical Committee Meeting - Feb. 8th and 9th / 2017

Jan 14, 2017
The next CSA Z462 Technical Committee meeting for the 2018 (4th Edition) will be most graciously hosted by Hydro Quebec in Montreal, QC on Feb. 8th and 9th 2017.

One of the main goals of this meeting will be for the full TC to review and approve the working draft that was created using the text from CSA Z462-2015 and the NFPA 70E-2018 First Draft and Second Draft documents.

Important improvements to the CSA Z462 - 2015 standard have been utilized and captured for the 2018 edition. CSA Z462 Working Group leaders will be accountable for each of their sections at this meeting.

The CSA Z462 TC has worked hand in hand with the NFPA 70E TC throughout the entire 2018 cycle to ensure that any changes required for Z462 - 2018 are incorporated.

CSA Z462-18 and NFPA 70E-18 will continue to be technically aligned but Z462 as always and since inception is designed as required to meet the unique and specific needs of the Canadian workplace.

The CSA consensus process will be followed and all members will be heard to ensure complete review and approvals. There will be one more upcoming TC meeting expected in very early Q3 - 2017 to finish the official and final CSA standards process for CSA Z462-18.

CSA Z462-18 will be published and available in early Jan. 2018. The French version of CSA Z462-18 will be available shortly after.