IEEE 1584-2018 Published for use

Hugh Hoagland

Staff member
Dec 30, 2016
Louisville, KY
The NEW IEEE 1584-2018 is not online. The document is the long awaited upgrade of the 2002 version with over thousands more tests. The previous version had less than 10 equipment configurations, the new one has about 45. This will make data collection a little more intensive especially for MCC's and switchgear and some numbers will change substantially upward. This especially will occur with some 3P equipment and configurations with ejected type arcs like switchgear.

Studies can be updated if enough info is gathered but this isn't common, so when the 5 year study audit period hits, companies should look a the equipment most likely to be affected. Fortunately many software packages will have help for picking the equipment type. Check with your study provider, software provider or e-Hazard if you have questions.

Click here to visit the IEEE 1584 2018 standard site.

Click here to visit e-Hazard's arc flash study page for a quote.
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