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Hugh Hoagland

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Dec 30, 2016
Louisville, KY
We participate in our forum and the for questions on IEEE 1584. Jim Phillips is an excellent resource and our arc flash consultants have attended his classes and participate with IEEE 1584 on Jim's committee. Check out that excellent resource for common questions or ask here.
Nov 3, 2017
Is there any word on when the next release of 1584 might be made available? Has progress been made on topics like arc blast, low voltage arcs, DC, etc.?
The technical work on IEEE1584 review has been completed. There has been some clarification requested by members on the some of the results and that has been largely resolved. If all goes according to plan, voting may take place sometime in 2018 and it is likely that the standard may be available close to or during 2019. I will update this post after our next IEEE 1584 meeting which is scheduled to take place in March 2018.
You are welcome Andrew. I see that I didn't fully answer your question. Hugh Hoagland will soon be presenting / publishing a paper on Arc Blast at the IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop as a follow up on his previous work ( We hope that this will spur on further work in terms of a pressure equation, however, the next revision of IEEE 1584 does nothing further in terms of blast.

The next revision will not be addressing DC arc flash. The unofficial news is that the committee wants to perfect the AC model and then run correlation studies between AC - DC arcs that will be used to propose a DC model. We believe that work is still a few years off.


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Nov 9, 2018
I heard that the next revision of IEEE 1584 will remove the statement "Equipment below 240 V need not be considered unless it involves at least one 125 KVA or larger transformer in its immediate power supply". Do you know if that is true? We are performing our 5 year arc flash model review and would prefer to incorporate that information now instead of having to perform another full review in the next couple of years.
A draft of the standard is available for sale at It is my understanding that the specific clause was removed. The draft has been available in most commercial software for some time already, however, I default to this rule at 45kVA and below. The committee didn't cover tests below 2500A.
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