Laundering AR clothing

Following the update of 1910.269 Subpart R and other standards (namely) 1910.335 Subpart S, the OSHA Letter of Interpretation on 1 June 2015, 1926.95 Subpart E, and the requirements of 1910.132 Subpart I, it was made clear that home laundering was permissible. The employer is, however, fully responsible to ensure that workers are adequately trained on home laundering techniques and then verifies that adequacy of the PPE to ensure that home laundering is working.

Although I have heard nothing in the pipeline from OSHA, there is a working group looking at this rather specialized topic. More specifically, working group ASTM F23 for Laundry, Inspection, Repair and Retirement of AR Clothing.

We have also written a detailed blog related to this topic: "Home vs. Industrial Laundry: Removing Contaminants Without Compromising PPE Arc Flash or Flash Fire Ratings". You can find it here: []

Our low voltage training and operator class covers the PPE home laundering in detail. Further information on our classes can be found at []