Safe working condition

Apr 2, 2019
We have had some discussion when the 480v electrical panel requires Arc Flash PPE after the main has been shut off and 0 energy has been determined on load side of main
I have instructed our people as long as the main has power to the line side and any part of the body comes within the 18 inch working distance of the energized
line side of breaker they must wear the appropriate PPE Has anyone have this conversion? and is my approach appropriate?

Hugh Hoagland

Staff member
Dec 30, 2016
Louisville, KY
This is a common question. In your risk assessment, it is important to distinguish between possible and probable. If the bus is insulated, there is no need. If the bus is isolated by guarding, there MAY be no need for AR PPE. Additionally when the energized main bus is at the top of the cabinet (especially if it is covered) depending on task, there may again be no need for AR PPE.

The company ESP should have policies and point to procedures which give the qualified person guidance on this task assessment.

Hope this helps.