update TTT


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Apr 30, 2018
I need to get caught up with the latest changes in 70e - I attended a TTT with you guys a couple of years ago and was wondering the best way to get the latest 70e info. Is it mandatory to go to Louisville again for training?

What is covered in the TTT Alumni course?
Thank you.

Ken Sellars

Staff member
Dec 30, 2016
The options for getting up to date are:
1 - Attend the 4-day TTT class, which is held in Louisville. This is NOT mandatory.
2 - Attend the Alumni Seminar. This is held exclusively for e-Hazard TTT graduates. These are in fact held in Louisville, but are held for a limited time only AFTER an NFPA 70E Update occurs. This class covers NFPA 70E changes and any applicable 1910.269 changes. This is an 8-hour class.
3 - Attend any of our Low Voltage/High Voltage Open classes for the latest updates. These classes are offered nationwide and can be found on our website at https://www.e-hazard.com/arc-flash-training/electrical-safety-training-schedule.php